Browne ‘s heels for men

Men in heels?

Why not!

When one of the notorious kids from the classroom dismisses his antics and goes for sobriety, the other less-notorious kids get to shine in his/her stead. That is what seems to have happened at the current Mens Fashion in Paris.
I had anticipated much of shock-fashion from Rick Owens as usual. I mean after his infamous gaping hole collection, it was customary to witness his future shows with zero assumptions of how the collection would be. But this time, the collection he displayed can be counted as sombre as compared to the past ones. So who got to take the crown of grabbing shocking-headlines for the Mens Fashion Week this time?

Thom Browne.

Thom’s collections over the time have evolved on the sleeves of being more daring, outspoken and avant garde as far as the mens fashion world is concerned. Yes there are big players like Givenchy and Alexander McQueen present but they have their individual worlds of international fashion that include the femme clothing too. Hence the focus is more on players like Thom as of now.

The Thom Browne Spring Summer 2018 collection granted us a peek into what future of mens fashion may have. Culottes and man-heels (Meels?), silm tailored trousers, kilts are just a few of the items that are causing the waves we’re about to swim in. What is to be appreciated and not to be judged with homo-views is that the collection is totally wearable except that shoes (they would be questionable to the straight men but a respite to the rest). Every suit, tuxedo and jacket shown was executed to perfection and fit the 2030’s corporate attire aptly. The colour palette stayed true to the brands collections hitherto.  All in all its a collection that is bound to be iconic for times to come, at least for the brands profile.

With pride month posts filtering our timelines on all social media, its the most befitting for this collection to debut for the public eye. Here are some of the notable pieces. Share your views too!


Picture credits: Vogue, FashionToMax.


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