When should I wear it?


It’s not a question that I usually ask myself or rather ever ask myself when I spot something good while shopping. But lately it’s a question that a lot of people ask themselves, including couple of close friends of mine. I don’t get the logic behind this silly question. A point comes up here in my mind:

YOU define the occasion, do not let the occasion define you.

If you like a particular Vetements velvet jacket or some Gucci red Eel leather shoes, just buy it. We cannot shop keeping in mind the conventions that need our presence. If you do so, you end up shopping for that convention but not for YOURSELF. So how do you expect the style within to come out?

Until then, here are some of the major street style moments that prove that fashion is you wearing your style and not you wearing the occasion. 


Well she is Anna dello Russo, she is expected to wear them.
Here is Iris Apfel serving swag at an age where basics crave for Crocs sandals.
Each piece put together with such chicness!
SEE? You need no reasons and occasions to wear metallics!
Owing a cape need no Superman
Don’t shy away from sheer, own it & the sexiness that ensues
Screenshot_2016-02-24-22-22-33_1_1 (1)
Here is a final piece of clothing that is incomparably chic, worn without two fucks given. #Slayed

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